Doctors Recommend These 11 Habits to Get You to Sleep Faster at Night




If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, trying to get some rest even after a tiring day at work, you’re not alone. A lot of people suffer from insufficient or poor sleep. As a matter of fact, the National Sleep Foundation reported that 45 percent of Americans experience these sleepless nights.


The very trouble with getting not enough sleep is that it reflects to poor health quality, low life satisfaction and high stress levels. Unless you have a medical sleep disorder, the following habits should help you calm your mind into slumber easily.


#1: Get up at the same time every morning — it’s much more important than when you go to bed.

It helps to regulate your body’s internal clock.


#2: Head off to the bedroom only when you feel tired enough to fall asleep.

Following an arbitrary bedtime is not ideal. Go to sleep when you feel tired.


#3: If you’re not sleepy, leave the bedroom and do something else till you are.

Grab a book and read in your living room, don’t just lay in bed thinking about how you’re not sleeping.


#4: Exercise daily, but not within four hours of your bedtime.

Exercising is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re someone who struggles with a regular sleep habit exercising close to your bedtime could have a negative effect.


#5: Don’t spend any more time in bed than you can actually sleep.

Find another spot to read and catch up on emails — avoid doing it in bed.


#6: Stay away from bright lights as bedtime approaches.

Translation: Stop looking at your phone! Power down as you get ready for bed.


#7: Don’t use electronic devices in bed.

It will send your brain the wrong signals.


#8: Avoid napping during the day if you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night.


#9: Keep your bedroom cool: Best temps are between 60 and 67 degrees.

Everyone is different, but studies have found that these are the most comfortable sleeping temperatures.


#10: Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco in the evening.

All three types of beverages can interrupt your sleeping habits.


#11:Do something relaxing in the hour or so before bed, so you can wind down.

Read, have a cup of decaffeinated tea or journal.






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